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Directions & Instructions For Class

Please complete the Booking Form and return it to me in order for your place to be secured.  You can send the completed form by email or by post and pay your course fee by PayPal (to justpetdogs@yahoo.co.uk) or by cheque (payable to M. Justice).


There is normally ample on-street parking on The Hourne.  If there are no spaces in The Hourne, please use the Co-operative car park and walk to the Community Centre.  Please do not park in Fletcher Close under any circumstances.

Disabled Access

The Community Centre complies with the access requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.  There is an access ramp for wheelchairs and suitable toilet facilities.
Essential Information!

Please don’t feed your dog immediately before coming to class, but do bring some food treats that your dog particularly likes – tiny pieces of cheese or liver-cake are usually popular!  All treats should be SMALL - no larger than a garden pea.

Collar & Lead

Please bring your dog to class on an ordinary collar and lead:

  • choke and slip collars of any kind are NOT PERMITTED in APDT members’ classes
  • chain leads can be UNCOMFORTABLE to hold and are UNPLEASANT around your dog's head
  • flexi leads are not suitable for class since they are CUMBERSOME and can TRIP AND TANGLE

 Head collars (Halti, Gentle Leader, etc.) and body harnesses ARE welcome if you use them.

All family members are welcome in the class including children as long as they are able to sit quietly if asked.  Do remember that children under five may become bored and may distract you or other class members.

Clothing & Footwear

Please wear comfortable, flexible clothing and flat, soft-soled shoes.

Don't forget your poo bags!  Do not allow your dog to walk on or foul the grassed areas outside the flats opposite the Community Centre.