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Class Guidelines

Collars & Leads

 Bring your dog to class on a flat buckle/clip collar and ordinary leather or fabric lead
  Choke/check/slip collars and slip/gundog leads are not permitted in my classes.  There may be individual cases that warrant the use of a half-check collar: if you wish to use a half-check please discuss with me before attending class.
  Chain leads are not appropriate: they hurt your hands and are noisy and uncomfortable around your dog's head.
  If you already use a headcollar or body harness, you are welcome to use them in class.
  Flexi leads are not appropriate for a class situation: they can easily tangle round legs (human and canine); the brakes can fail; and they encourage your dog to pull.
  Your dog must remain on lead at all times unless you are specifically instructed by me to release him/her.


Things to Bring

 Remember your poo bags
  Bring plenty of small titbits that your dog really likes.  Commercial dog treats are too big and don’t really taste that great to most dogs!  Tiny cubes of cheese, hotdog sausage, cooked chicken, etc. are normally more interesting.


  Children are welcome but must be able to sit quietly when not taking part in the training.
  Children must not approach the other dogs in the class without prior permission from me and the owner.

Treatment of Dogs

 Physical and verbal reprimands are not permitted in my classes, e.g. jerking on leads, pulling, pushing and shouting at dogs, etc.  Any smacking or hitting of dogs will result in immediate expulsion with no return of course fees.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules, please phone or email me at least a few days before your class starts.